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Our Mission

Providing convenient car rentals to all our valued customers, making your experience with us as smooth as possible.

Welcome to In and Out

Independent BLACKED OWNED over 15 years of experience brings you the right car for the right price can provide full coverage insurance

  • 24/7 top tier customer service 8 minutes from Hollywood ( Fort Lauderdale) airport
  • Every vehicle is fully cleaned and sanitized before every driver No hidden fees
  • efficient, quick, quality, and stylish can download documents online before you arrive to make it a quicker process
  • *security ( all financial transactions and personal information is secure and protected)

In and out car rentals is an independent and black-owned business. There are 15 years of experience to rely on from us! With this experience like ours, we have the knowledge of what car rentals are perfect for you and the best price for you and provide full coverage insurance.

What is different about us?

We are different from other car rental companies because we care, we want to help people get the best option for them while creating a great customer service environment for you. Another really beneficial factor that we have is where we are located. We are luckily located only 8 minutes away from Hollywood airport! This is a perfect opportunity to get to know the iconic Hollywood area, it is also great to rent a car and be able to come right out of the airport with a form of transportation.

Another service we do for our clients before they even get into the car is we sanitize every car to keep everything clean and COVID safe. We want our customers to feel safe when they get into one of our cars and to know that we care about their well-being as well.

We also do a process to make everything with car rentals efficient, quick, high quality, and stylish. For this process, we ask that you have documents already downloaded and ready to go before you arrive. This creates an In and Out service that we love to provide you. Not only do you want to get your car so you can explore Hollywood, but so do we! Hollywood has so many amazing different iconic factors to see so the quicker you get to see them better!

Lastly, we take immense pride in keeping a secure system for our clients. We make sure that all financial transactions and personal information is secure and protected. The last thing we want for you is an unpleasant experience with us, we want to help make your experience here as foraminal as possible.

Our Vehicles

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